Welcome new savers!

Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn all about Illinois Secure Choice. In just 30 minutes we’ll explain how enrollment works, your retirement saving options, and how to manage your account. Find a live webinar or watch a recording.


Additional Resources at Your Fingertips

Most account management functions can be done by logging into the saver portal, but if you prefer to complete and mail paper forms, you can find them here.

Program Disclosure Booklet

The Program Disclosure Booklet describes the Program, including important information about the investments, fees, risks and features associated with the Program.

Auto-enrollment Notification

This fact sheet provides notice of Illinois auto-enrollment and an at a glance look at the program.

Beneficiary Designation

Use this form to change or add primary beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Designation Addendum

Use this form to change or add primary beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries not listed on your Beneficiary Designation Form.

Account Maintenance Form

Use this form to change your name, permanent and/or mailing address, phone number, email address, contribution rate, annual increase, or bank information.

Distribution Request Form

Use this form to request a distribution from your account.

Excess Removal Worksheet

Use this if your contributions exceed the annual Roth IRA limits for Roth IRAs and you need to make a withdrawal to correct the excess.

Recharacterization Election

Use this form to move a contribution you originally made to a Roth IRA into a Traditional IRA with another financial organization.

Inherited IRA Beneficiary Distribution Election

If you are a beneficiary who has inherited an IRA, use this form to make a payment election for the inherited IRA assets.

Opt-out Form

Use this form to indicate that you do not want to participate and make contributions to Illinois.