Welcome new savers!

Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn all about Illinois Secure Choice. In just 30 minutes we’ll explain how enrollment works, your retirement saving options, and how to manage your account. Find a live webinar or watch a recording.

Customize Your Preferences

Manage Your Account

Now that you've set up your account, it's time to add your personalized settings. You can access your account at any time online or by phone during business hours.

As you move through the last steps, keep in mind that this account is yours and you will always have access to it, even if you move to a different employer or work for multiple employers throughout your career. If you move out of state or start working for an employer that offers its own plan, you can keep your money in your Illinois Secure Choice account, roll it over into another Roth IRA account, or take your money out entirely—the choice is yours.